Pitt Interdisciplinary Humanities Grants--2017

Pitt Interdisciplinary Humanities Grant Awardees, 2017

  • Brock Bahler (Dietrich School, Religious Studies): Symposium--"The Logic of Racial Practice: Embodied Cognition, Habitus, and Implicit Bias"
  • Jim Cassaro (University Library System): Lecture and Residency--"Music and Queer Identity"
  • Bianca Charity (Undergraduate Student, Oakland Campus): Dance Competition--"Dhirana 2018"
  • Lilian Chong (Dietrich School, Chemistry): Summer Program--"Writing in the Disciplines of Chemistry and English"
  • Jeff Dories (Pitt-Titusville): Presentation and Discussion--"International Coffee Hour"
  • Ervin Dyer (Office of Community and Government Relations): Visual Art Project--"American Heroes: The Homewood Project"
  • Shirin Fozi (Dietrich School, History of Art and Architecture): "Working Group for the Ancient Mediterranean"
  • Daniel Hall (School of Medicine): Lecture, Elective, and Screening--"Exploring Religion and Spirituality to Provide More Holistic Healthcare"
  • Aaron Johnson (Dietrich School, Music): Concert--"Pitt Jazz Composer's Concert"
  • Kate Joranson (University Library System): Presentations and Conversation--"What Does it Mean to be Curious?"
  • Arthur Kosowsky (Dietrich School, Physics and Astronomy): Lecture and Live Drawing--"We Have No Idea"
  • Anna Lemnitzer (Pitt-Bradford): Art Installation--"Fluidity of Gender, Sculpture by Linda Stein"
  • Colleen O'Reilly (Graduate Student, Dietrich School, HAA): Digital Exhibition--"Botany Hall: Dioramas in Context"
  • Esohe Osai (School of Social Work): Collaboration with Homewood--" Homewood Reading Series featuring John Edgar Wideman" 
  • Lisa Parker (Graduate School of Public Health): Symposium--"Neuroethics of Implanted Brain Stimulation Devices"
  • Shalini Puri (Dietrich School, English): Workshop and Performance--"Mass-Incarceration and Arts-based Pedagogies for Engagement"
  • Paula Tuttle (Dietrich School, Music): Performance--"Chamber Music"