University of Pittsburgh


Collaboration with Departments and Programs

Over the years, the Humanities Center has funded a number of conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, lectures, and other events and has awarded over 50 collaborative research grants, up to $5,000 each, across departments and units at the University of Pittsburgh, including:

Africana Studies. Anthropology. Asian Studies Center. Center for International Studies. Classics. Communication. English. Film Studies. French & Italian Languages & Literatures. Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies. German. Hispanic Languages & Literatures. History. History & Philosophy of Science. History of Art & Architecture. Linguistics. Medieval & Renaissance Studies. Music. Philosophy. Religious Studies. School of Information Sciences. Slavic Languages & Literatures. Sociology. Theatre Arts. World History Center.

In addition, the Humanities Center is open to host events for departments as disparate as dissertation defenses, reading groups, film screenings, and receptions. The Humanities Center has also often organized one-credit graduate seminar courses, including:

Courses in AY 2009-2010:

“The Political Thought of Etienne Balibar,” coordinated by Giuseppina Mecchia

“Cosmopolitanism,” coordinated by Jonathan Arac

Courses in AY 2010-2011:

“Gender Theory Today,” coordinated by Todd Reeser

“Music, Race, and Place,” coordinated by Andrew Weintraub

Courses in AY 2011-2012:

"American Literature in the World," coordinated by Nancy Glazener