University of Pittsburgh


Collaboration with Departments and Programs


In Academic Year 2011-12, we are helping to fund a number of events, including visits by E. Patrick Johnson (Northwestern), Valerie Traub (Michigan), Daniel Gross (Irvine), Patrick Parrinder (Reading), and Laurent Dubois (Duke). We are also funding round tables and reading groups on a variety of topics, and we are hosting a Cultural Studies dissertation group and an Arts and Sciences Post-Doc research group.

In Academic Year 2010-11, we helped fund a number of lectures, including those by Bruno Bosteels (Cornell), William Sewell (Chicago), Ted Cachey (Notre Dame), Rey Chow (Duke), and Martin Treml (Berlin). We also helped fund conferences and reading groups on topics such as Aristotle, Human Rights, Etexts, and Ethnomusicology.

In Academic Year 2009-2010, we helped fund a number of lectures, including those by Greg Grandin (History, NYU), Lawrence Rhu (English, South Carolina), Tony Day (History, Wesleyan), and George Lamming (Africana Studies/Creative Writing, Brown).

One Credit Graduate Seminar

We organize courses for graduate students around visits of selected short-term fellows.

Courses in AY 2009-2010:

“The Political Thought of Etienne Balibar,” coordinated by Giuseppina Mecchia

“Cosmopolitanism,” coordinated by Jonathan Arac

Courses in AY 2010-2011:

“Gender Theory Today,” coordinated by Todd Reeser

“Music, Race, and Place,” coordinated by Andrew Weintraub

Courses in AY 2011-2012:

"American Literature in the World," coordinated by Nancy Glazener