Director's Welcome

Letters from our Directors 

The Humanities Center has been running for nine years. Its vitality derives from the energy of Pitt’s faculty and students in the Humanities and associated departments. My deepest thanks to all the hundreds of you whose scholarly and intellectual passions generate the proposals and fuel the participation that together make a flourishing Center. We are here to serve you.

We welcome our new Program Coordinator, Ms. Fredrika Odelstierna. Our Associate Director, Professor David Marshall, and our Assistant Director, Professor Dan Kubis, you will hear from below. The faculty Advisory Committee for the Center includes Professors Nancy Condee (Slavic Languages and Literatures), Adam Lowenstein (Film Studies), Todd Reeser (French and Italian), and Jennifer Whiting (Philosophy). Thanks to all for hard work that makes possible what we do.

We welcome our Early-Career Fellow in residence, Richard So, who comes to us from McGill University. In addition to seven major short-term Visiting Fellows during the academic year, we also feature a weeklong intensive seminar, open to graduate students and faculty, the week after Commencement with Robin Bernstein (Harvard), a cultural historian whose important work joins African American Studies, Childhood Studies, Performance Studies, and Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality.

The Humanities Center arose from the vision and commitment of Pitt’s higher administration, beginning from then-Dean N. John Cooper and then-Senior Associate Dean James F. Knapp of the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences and supported by then-Provost James V. Maher and then-Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg. We look forward to continuing our work with the new leadership of Dean Kathy Blee.


- Jonathan Arac, Director


Since I arrived at Pitt in 2013, I have always seen the Humanities Center as a wonderful forum for interdisciplinary conversation and intellectual ferment.  It is therefore a real honor now to be assisting in the fostering of that work as Associate Director.  I am also looking to organize a number of events pertaining to the history and theory of creativity, so if your research connects to creativity in some way do be in touch and let’s talk.


- David Marshall, Associate Director

My position at the Humanities Center was created in January, 2016 to promote the humanities across the University and in the community, extending the mission of the Year of the Humanities in the University, which Provost Patricia Beeson led in 2015-16. It’s been a joy to engage in efforts that support that goal, and I look forward to continuing in this and future years. If you have a moment to browse the Humanities Center’s public-facing programs such as the Public Humanities Fellowship Program or Being Human Podcast, or if you would like to talk about public-facing humanities work in general, I welcome your thoughts!


- Dan Kubis, Assistant Director