Directors' Welcome

Letters from our Directors 

The Humanities Center at Pitt fosters advanced research in the humanities.  It strives to be an open and welcoming community for humanities researchers of all descriptions.  Its purpose is to discover, develop, and celebrate inquiry in the humanities.  Because it seeks to create a space in which fresh new work can emerge across a range of disciplines, it recognizes the importance of learning to speak both across and to disciplinary differences.

The Humanities Center is the various communities of inquiry it brings together.  Facilitating this community-building are our Program Coordinator, Shatasha Reeves, our Associate Director, Dan Kubis, and the Steering Committee—namely, Nancy Condee (Slavic Languages and Literatures), Paula Kane (Religious Studies), Neepa Majumdar (English), and Jennifer Whiting (Philosophy), together with the Director and Associate Director.  The Center’s founding director, Jonathan Arac, is on much deserved leave this academic year, and it’s my privilege to serve as interim Director in his absence.

Essential to the Humanities Center community are this year’s Pitt Faculty fellows: Caitlin Bruce (Communication), Christina Hoenig (Classics), Zach Horton (English), Emily Wanderer (Anthropology), and Courtney Weikle-Mills (English).  We also welcome our Early Career Fellow in residence, Allen MacDuffie, who joins us while on leave from the University of Texas at Austin.  In addition to a series of major short-term Visiting Fellows during the academic year, we also feature a weeklong intensive seminar with Sharon Marcus (Columbia), open to graduate students and faculty, the week after Commencement.  Marcus is a scholar of nineteenth-century British and French literature whose work combines performance studies, theater, the novel, literary theory, gender and sexuality studies.

- David Marshall, Interim Director

My position at the Humanities Center was created in January, 2016 to promote the humanities across the University and in the community. It’s been a pleasure to engage in efforts that support that goal, and I look forward to continuing in this and future years. If you have a moment to browse the Humanities Center’s public-facing programs such as the Public Humanities Fellowship Program or Being Human Podcast, or if you would like to talk about public-facing humanities work in general, I welcome your thoughts!

- Dan Kubis, Associate Director