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Jonathan Arac returned to Pitt in 2006 after five years at Columbia University, where he served as department chair. Since 1979 he has served on the editorial group of boundary 2. He is author of four published books on American and British fiction, poetry, and social criticism. In 2008 he became the founding director of the humanities center at the University of Pittsburgh, a project of the School of Arts and Sciences to foster advanced research.

Interim Director

David Marshall is an intellectual historian focusing on the period since about 1500.  Early in his career, his research was concentrated on texts and contexts around the Italian thinker Giambattista Vico, and that research produced Vico and the Transformation of Rhetoric in Early Modern Europe (Cambridge, 2010).  Following that book, he pivoted to twentieth-century German materials, and he recently finished a second book, The Weimar Origins of Rhetorical Theory (Chicago, forthcoming).  Trained as a historian, Marshall migrated disciplines twice, first as an Assistant Professor of Humanities at Kettering University between 2006 and 2013 and then as a historian and theorist of rhetoric in the Department of Communication at Pitt since 2013.  He is committed to working in a number of different disciplinary traditions, and his next research project focuses on a tradition of inquiry running through the art historian and art theorist Aby Warburg, a tradition that stretches from early modern artifacts to contemporary computational domains.

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Associate Director

Dan Kubis received a PhD in critical and cultural studies from Pitt’s English department in 2013. His dissertation, titled “Fighting for a Common Cause: Literary Theory in the Age of Reagan,” examined arguments that various American literary critics made for the public value of literary theory in the 1980’s. Dan also received a BA in philosophy and architectural studies from the University of Pittsburgh and an MA in philosophy from the University of Illinois-Chicago. Prior to returning to Pitt to pursue graduate studies in literature, Dan held a number of positions in higher education in the US and abroad, including working in the admissions office of the California College of the Arts and teaching English language and literature in Poland. From 2013-2016, he was a writer in the Office of the Provost at Pitt, a job that included providing support for Pitt’s Year of Humanities in the University. His research, teaching, and administrative work have focused on promoting the value of the humanities in educational settings and beyond.

Phone: 412.624.3932.

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Shatasha Reeves
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