Faculty Fellowship

The deadline for applications in the present cycle has passed.

Call for Applications: Humanities Center Faculty Fellowships

The University of Pittsburgh Humanities Center is pleased to invite applications for Faculty Fellowships to be taken in the 2021-22 academic year. The goal of this fellowship is to support humanities research by faculty at Pitt and to connect them with the multidisciplinary networks of the Humanities Center. Fellows will participate in the intellectual life of the Center throughout the academic year, and they will share their work with the Humanities Center community. Fellowship recipients will receive one course release to be taken in the spring semester of academic year 2021-22 and will also have the option to buy out a second course through salary reduction. The Center is committed to creating a multidisciplinary humanities environment incorporating a diversity of experiences, identities, and disciplines, and we welcome applications from the entire Pitt faculty community.

Eligibility. Successful applicants for the fellowship must be faculty members currently employed at the University of Pittsburgh, which includes appointment stream and tenure stream faculty. Additionally, they should be in residence in Pittsburgh during the academic year of the fellowship, and they commit to participating in the intellectual life of the Center.

Application Requirements. Applications for a Humanities Center Faculty Fellowship must include the following:

  1. A current CV indicating whether the proposed project has received support in the past (no more than three pages);
  2. A proposal laying out the project to be pursued while a fellow (no more than 600 words);
  3. The Humanities Center is committed to fostering a multidisciplinary humanities environment incorporating a diversity of experiences, identities, and disciplines.  Applicants are invited to articulate how they and their project would contribute to this goal (no more than 300 words);
  4. A sample of research output. Note: if you submit a writing sample, please aim for 5,000 to 10,000 words; film clips, musical performances, or audio submissions should aim for about 10 minutes. If you have questions about the format of your submission, please let us know;
  5. A brief statement of the themes, topics, or areas around which you would most like to engage in a multidisciplinary humanities conversation. (Since we anticipate receiving more excellent applications than there will be fellowships available, this will help us to connect clusters of scholars across the university who indicate that they would like to be in a humanities community with one another, regardless of fellowship outcome. We will be in touch with applicants individually to solicit interest in this program and to facilitate connections after the fellowship competition has concluded.)

Selection Criteria. Applications will be assessed by the Steering Committee of the Humanities Center. In that review of applications, the following criteria will be used to rank proposals:

  1. The scholarly record and career trajectory of the applicant, taking into account relative advantages and constraints on resources for the proposed project and over the course of the applicant’s career;
  2. The clarity with which the application lays out the research project to be pursued;
  3. The potential impact of the research project for disciplinary, academic, and/or non-university constituencies;
  4. The likelihood that the fellow and the project would contribute to a multidisciplinary humanities environment incorporating a diversity of experiences, identities, and disciplines.
  5. The feasibility of achieving the stated goals in the time period of the fellowship.

Deadline. Applications must be submitted by Monday, February 15, 2021.

Questions. For any questions, please contact the Co-Directors of the Humanities Center, Carla Nappi (nappi@pitt.edu) and David Marshall (dlm91@pitt.edu).