Undergraduate Fellowship

Call for Applications: Humanities Center Undergraduate Fellowships

The University of Pittsburgh Humanities Center is pleased to invite applications for Undergraduate Fellowships to be taken in 2022. The goal of this fellowship is (a) to support humanities research by undergraduates at Pitt, (b) to connect them with the multidisciplinary networks of the Humanities Center, and (c) to assist them in securing further fellowship or grant support for the research questions they wish to pursue. For all those interested, there will be an information session at 12:30 pm on October 28 at the Humanities Center Zoom Room.

The fellowship program has three core components: a three-credit seminar in Spring 2022 in which students receive an introduction to humanities research methods and develop a humanities research project, a research experience in Summer 2022 supported by a $5000 stipend, and a second three-credit seminar in Fall 2022 in which fellows craft a research outcome. Each seminar will be led by one of the Humanities Center Co-Directors, Carla Nappi and David Marshall. The program will also connect all fellows with a mentor who has experience in the relevant field of inquiry.

Eligibility: Successful applicants for the fellowship must be undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh. They commit to participation in both the Spring and Fall seminars. For any queries regrading the timing and location of the seminars, contact us at humctr@pitt.edu. You may indicate that you're already working with a faculty mentor on the proposed project, but this is not a prerequisite for application, and we are very happy to match you with a mentor through the program.

Application Requirements: Applications for a Humanities Center Undergraduate Fellowship must include the following:

A narrative describing what draws you to the fellowship. Why are you interested in learning about and pursuing humanities research? Do you have a particular set of interests or materials in mind that you’d like to explore? Is there a class that brought your attention to some of the artifacts you want to look at more closely? Are there particular questions that drive you to pursue research in the humanities? (no more than 600 words);
A brief statement on how you and your interests will contribute to the Humanities Center’s goal of fostering a multidisciplinary humanities environment incorporating a diversity of experiences, identities, and disciplines (no more than 300 words);
A brief statement on whether you'll be applying for other research fellowships (and if so which ones), and whether you have received funding support for a humanities research project in the past;
A current academic transcript that includes a list of courses already taken.

Selection Criteria: Applications will be assessed by the Co-Directors of the Humanities Center relative to the following criteria:

The clarity and thoughtfulness of the narrative statement;
The likelihood that the fellow and the project would contribute to a multidisciplinary humanities environment incorporating a diversity of experiences, identities, and disciplines;
The potential impact of the fellowship on the applicant's ability to undertake research in the humanities;
The scholarly record of the applicant;
The potential impact of the research project on disciplinary, academic, and/or non-university audiences.

Deadline: Applications must be submitted by Monday, November 15, 2021.

Questions: For any questions, please contact us at humctr@pitt.edu.

To apply, please send your application as a single PDF to humctr@pitt.edu. We will acknowledge your application on receipt.