Annual Themes

Theme for 2023-2024: Histories

The Humanities Center at the University of Pittsburgh would like to introduce the 2023-2024 theme of Histories. We invite scholars to reflect with us on questions that interpret the theme of "Histories" in a broad and generous sense that encompasses work from all crafts and disciplines that engages with the past in some way.

Theme for 2022-2023: Breakdown

The Humanities Center at the University of Pittsburgh is thrilled to announce the 2022-23 theme of Breakdown.

Pitt's Humanities Center is a place for people to work together humanistically across disciplinary boundaries. The theme of breakdown aims to bring people together around a series of related processes, to spark new possibilities for research and experimentation. Colleagues applying during 2021-22 for Faculty Fellowships, Graduate Fellowships, and Co-Teaching Fellowships to be taken up in 2022-23 were encouraged to make the connections between this theme and their projects explicit in their applications.