Co-Teaching Fellowship: In collaboration with the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, the Humanities Center sponsors a Co-Teaching Fellowship. Faculty from different departments at the University of Pittsburgh can apply to develop a new co-taught undergraduate course. Co-Teaching Fellows receive course releases to do this, participate in the intellectual life of the Center, and lead a colloquium.

Faculty Fellowship: The Humanities Center hosts University of Pittsburgh faculty to take part in Center activities as Faculty Fellows. These fellows participate in the life of the Center and lead a session in the Colloquium Series. Typically, in that series, we enlist two respondents, preferably coming from different fields of study, to give feedback and frame discussion during the session.

Graduate Fellowship: The Humanities Center offers summer research fellowships for graduate students working at the University of Pittsburgh. These Graduate Fellows then participate in the intellectual life of the Center in the following year. They lead a colloquium in the Humanities Center, and we work with each fellow to develop a format for sharing their work in the most generative way.

Undergraduate Fellowship: The Humanities Center supports undergraduate research with a number of summer fellowships to support humanities research experiences. That summer research is supported by a Spring proseminar in which Undergraduate Fellows learn how to frame, develop, and execute a humanities research project. It is also supported by a Fall proseminar that helps fellows produce a research output that fits their projects and ambitions.

Visiting Fellowship: The Humanities Center invites scholars, thinkers, and makers from beyond the University of Pittsburgh to share their work with us in a sequence of two or three events - either in person or on Zoom. The Visiting Fellow Program is designed to bring people who can contribute to discussions connected to the Center’s annual theme.