Undergraduate Fellows

Meet our 2023-2024 Undergraduate Fellows!

Alex-Jaden Peart
Alex-Jaden Peart is a junior majoring in Classics and English Writing, pursuing certificates in Global Studies, African Studies, and Transatlantic Studies, and minoring in Latin and German. Fascinated by old-fashioned concepts like Love and Truth, Alex-Jaden is always asking some question about something or someone. If you should ever need him, you can find him at work in the Classics department, in line at Saxbys, or flâneuring about campus.
Anna Kirwin
Anna Kirwin is a senior Honors student from the Philadelphia region majoring in Public and Professional Writing, minoring in Legal Studies, and pursuing a Global Health certificate. Anna hopes that with these accolades, she will be able to pursue a career in the social justice realm, let it be though law or academia. Outside the classroom, Anna is a lover of all things poetry, photography, and frolicking in nature.
Ebonee Rice-Nguyen
Ebonee Rice-Nguyen is a junior majoring in English Nonfiction with minors in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies and International Relations, but has interests across all fields of study. She can usually be found at Hillman or Carnegie library using the books as retail therapy. After undergrad she hopes to attend grad school for writing in a much sunnier city.
Eithne Hartnett
Eithne Hartnett is an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Philosophy and Classics. She is a long-time lover of languages, history, and social science. She speaks German and has also been learning Greek and Latin. In her free time, Eithne enjoys writing short stories, thrifting with friends, and spending time with her cats, Max and Hades.
Harmony Arungwa
Harmony Arungwa is a junior majoring in English Writing with minors in Chemistry and French Studies while working towards a Conceptual Foundations in Medicine certificate. She has interests in mental health advocacy and creating inclusive environments. When she’s not celebrating her escape from Chevron, she can be found on the sixth floor of the William Pitt Union.
Matthew Hickey
My name is Matthew Hickey, I am a junior studying Political Science and am pursuing the International Relations and Area Studies Dual Major, Russian East European, and Eurasian Track. I am a candidate for Bachelor of Philosophy program on the topic of Epic of Manas, a Kyrgyz folk tale and epic poem. I am very passionate about storytelling, cultures, languages, and obscure topics.
Meghana Dodda
Meghana Dodda is a sophomore pursuing a double degree in Neuroscience and English Literature. As a pre-med student, she is very passionate about interdisciplinary studies and the value they bring to healthcare, especially for patients from diverse or minority backgrounds. In her free time, Meghana sings for Avaaz, does research with mice, and enjoys exploring new recipes and restaurants!
Vidya Surti
Vidya Surti is a third-year undergraduate studying English and Anthropology with a Chemistry minor and Global Health Certificate. She is passionate about community initiatives, interdisciplinary research, creative thinking, and strategic leadership regarding disability access and inclusion. In her free time, you can find her around local coffee shops and gluten-free bakeries.


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