Posters for 2018-2019 Academic Year

August 31, 2019 - 3:30pm

Skin and Servtiude in Medieval Iberian Art

Un/Framing Cinema

Unframing Schedule 


Racism, Inequality, and "Human Nature"

'I am a Widow'

Food, Gender, and Media in Italy

Race, Media, and Technology Workshop Keynote Address

Confessional and Couch

The Legacies of George A. Romero

Mini Legacies of George A. Romero

Jews, Whiteness, and the Broadway Musical


Detroit's Rivera

Environmental Humanities Research Seminar 2018-19


Daniel Balderson: How Borges Wrote

"This is Not Ideal"

Noël Carroll

LGBTQ in the Workplace

Book Launch: Histories of the Transgender Child 

"Let's Become Less"


The Work of Sharunas Bartas

Hollywood in the French Projects

The "Kindness" of Humans

Anthony Infanti

Does Attention to Language Matter Anymore?

Does Attention to Language Matter Anymore? Event Schedule

Alexander Beecroft Events

Events for the Pittsburgh Consortium for Medieval & Renaissance Studies

The Imperial Wife

Writing Beyond the Margins

Film Screening: The Goddess

Pop-up Idea Kitchen Round Table Discussion

Carla Nappi



Political Theory for the Real World

Women Artists at the UAG 

Doctoral Careers in the Humanities and Social Activism

Orange This is not ideal

Injurious Love

Colloquium: "The Education of Henry Adams and the Intellect's Contributions to Freedom"

Studio Arts Exhibition

“The Incommensurability and Commensurability of Time in Different Cultures”

Drink and Ink Fundraiser

Christina Hoenig: Plato's Timaeus and the Latin Tradition

Geeta Kothari


Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

Work Forces

When Learning Communities Can and Can't Teach Faculty about Writing Across the Curriculum

Preparing for Leadership Roles in WAC and Writing Centers

Africans in India Art Exhibit

The Medieval Melting Pot

Jeanne Laskas

Brave New University

The Praiseworthy One

Ecology's Other

The Political Aesthetics of Public Art in Urban Spaces

Bob Dylan

Francophonie Day

AfroLatinidad Conference

Barbara Edelman

Kirk Savage

The Middle East in Transition

Practicing Ambivalence

Democratic Socialism Symposium: Economics, Ethics, Politics

Odyssey Expo

Bernadette Callery Archives Lecture Series

Caitlin Bruce's "Painting Publics"

Reading List


Goethe Lexicon

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