Early Career Residential Fellows 2011-2012

External Fellows

Residential Fellows 2011-2012:

Benjamin Kahan, Assistant Professor of English and Gender Studies, Louisiana State University.
Benjamin Kahan's university Web site

Donald Pease, Avalon Professor of Humanities, Dartmouth College, was in residence for the fall term 2011.
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Short-term Fellows 2011-2012:

September 27-29, we welcomed Emily Apter, Professor of French and Comp Lit at NYU. She gave a lecture titled “Against World Literature: On Untranslatability in Comparative Literature,” and she led a colloquium discussion on sex and gender as “untranslatables.” An open reading group on her recent book The Translation Zone was held in September before her visit.
Emily Apter's university Web site

November 3-4, David Eng, Professor of English and Asian American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, gave a lecture on his recent work on reparations and led a colloquium and reading group.
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Rick Altman, Professor of Cinema and Comp Lit at the University of Iowa, visited campus in January 25-27. A reading group on his work was held in mid-January before his visit.
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In mid-March, Katie Trumpener, Professor of Comparative Literature and English at Yale, gave a lecture and conducted colloquia on her recent work.
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Internal Fellows

Susan Andrade, English and French literature
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Gonzalo Lamana, Hispanic
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Gabriella Lukacs, Anthropology
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Dan Morgan, Film
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Sabine von Dirke, German
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