Early Career Residential Fellows 2012-2013

External Fellows

Residential Fellows 2012-2013:

A. Naomi Paik, Assistant Professor of American Studies, The University of Texas at Austin.

A. Naomi Paik's university website

Arjuna Parakrama, Former Professor of English and Department Chair at the University of Peradeniya and Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Short-term Fellows 2012-2013:

Susan McClary, Professor of Musicology, Case Western Reserve University

Susan McClary's university website

Amy Kaminsky. Professor of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, University of Minnesota

Amy Kaminsky's university website

Dror Wahrman, Professor of History, Indiana University

Dror Wahrman's university website

Roberto Dainotto, Professor of Romance Studies & Italian Studies, Duke University

Roberto Dainotto's university website

Internal Fellows

Internal fellows are Pitt faculty members awarded time released from teaching in order to advance on important books, in dialogue with other fellows and the larger community formed by the center. For the academic year 2012-2013, the internal fellows will include:

Marah Gubar, English

Marah Gubar's university website

Irina Livezeanu, History

Irina Livezeanu's university website

Edouard Machery, History & Philosophy of Science

Edouard Machery's university website

Francesca Savoia, French & Italian

Francesca Savoia's university website

Adam Shear, Religious Studies

Adam Shear's university website

Jennifer Waldron, English

Jennifer Waldron's university website