Our Programs

The Humanities Center sponsors a wide array of programs, all of which contribute to the intellectual life of the Center, the heart of which is the weekly colloquium series. Read about them below, or select from the links on the right-hand side of this page.

Co-sponsorship by the Humanities Center

The Humanities Center welcomes opportunities to work together with colleagues at Pitt to find ways that we can help support initiatives that align with the goals and mission of the Center. Typically, this does not take the form of one-off requests for funding for campus events. Instead, as part of our commitment to move away from an event-centered grammar and toward more sustained and sustainable forms of community building across campus, we encourage you to be in touch with co-directors Carla Nappi (nappi@pitt.edu) and David Marshall (dlm91@pitt.edu) to discuss your ideas. Through those conversations, we'll work together to find ways that the Humanities Center might help materialize your vision.

Faculty Fellowship

The Humanities Center hosts University of Pittsburgh faculty to take part in Center activities as an Internal Faculty Fellow. These fellows lead a colloquium in the Humanities Center and we enlist two faculty members, preferably coming from different fields of study, to deliver responses during the session--these respondents may come from Pitt or from other local institutions.

Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowships

Graduate students are a crucial part of the research community in the Center, and we support several Graduate Student Summer Research Fellows, who then participate in the intellectual life of the Center in the following academic year.

Co-Teaching Fellowship

In collaboration with the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, the Humanities Center is sponsoring a new Co-Teaching Fellowship.  This fellowship allows two Pitt faculty from different departments to collaborate on developing and then co-teaching a new undergraduate course.

Visiting Short-Term Fellows

The Humanities Center invites scholars from around the world to take part in short-term visits to the Humanities Center. These visiting short-term fellows typically present one public lecture, one round-table colloquium discussion, and one student-focused event. Additionally, each spring term, the week after commencement, we bring one scholar to campus to host our week long Faculty Seminar.

Transdisciplinary Research Seminar Fellowships

The Humanities Center seeks to support research across disciplinary boundaries, and to that end we support seminars and incubators taking up transdisciplinary research  topics.

Summer Seminar

For one week at the end of the spring term, after Commencement, a celebrated guest scholar leads a five-day intensive Summer Seminar, drawing faculty and graduate students alike.