Pitt Faculty Fellowship

At present, Humanities Center fellowship programs for the 2021-22 academic year have been put on hold by the Dietrich School for budgetary reasons.  We still anticipate running these programs, but announcements and calls for application will probably be posted later than they typically have been in previous years.

The Humanities Center hosts University of Pittsburgh faculty to take part in Center activities as an Internal Faculty Fellow. These fellows lead a colloquium in the Humanities Center and we enlist two faculty members, preferably coming from different fields of study, to deliver responses during the session--these respondents may come from Pitt or from other local institutions.

Internal Faculty Fellows are provided a minimum of one course released time for one semester, with the potential for more if resources permit. Fellows have the option, as approved by their department chairs, to buy out a second course through salary reduction.

Who may apply? Pitt faculty in humanities and related social sciences on continuing appointment and whose appointment includes research responsibilities. 

Learn more about our current and past Pitt Faculty Fellows.

Applications for the Pitt Faculty Fellowship are generally due in the first week of October for the following Academic Year. During periods when we accept applications to become a Pitt Faculty Fellow of the Humanities Center, application information will be available.