Public Humanities Fellows Program

The Humanities Center's Public Humanities Program creates positions in local institutions designed to take advantage of humanities grad students' discipline-specific knowledge and skills as creative thinkers, researchers, and writers. The positions are 12-week assignments (with benefits), and require up to 20 hours a week of work over the summer. 

Now three years old, the program has consistently succeeded in creating opportunities for graduate students to work in some of the city's most dynamic cultural institutions, including the the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, the Kelly Strayhorn Theater, City of Asylum, and more. Watch the video above for an overview of the program, or use the links below to read about the projects from the past three years and some of their outcomes. 

The 2020 Public Humanities Fellows Program is suspended until further notice. 

More information on how to apply, as well as links to past position descriptions, is available on the application page

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